orthotics for the foot & ankle

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Computer Gait and Pressure Analysis

Central DuPage Orthotics, Inc. offers patients the latest technology in computer gait and pressure analysis using the TEKSCAN system.  


In 2005, Central DuPage Orthotics purchased the TEKSCAN high resolution plantar foot pressure and gait evaluation system. At the time, there were only eight companies in Illinois using this system to evaluate patients with foot problems and gait deviations. Nationally, there are a number of prestigious medical centers and companies using this same TEKSCAN system, including Yale University, Duke University, Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, Nike Inc, and Reebok Inc.  





  • custom fabrication done on premises
  • insurance claims submitted for patients
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield network provider
  • Medicare claims submitted for covered services
  • next day services available for custom orthotics