orthotics for the foot & ankle

prescription and custom footwear

Frequently Asked Questions


Can we make orthotics for ladies dress shoes?

yes, but the maximum heel height we recommend on the shoe is 1.5 inches.

Do we make "hard" or "soft" orthotics?

We make all types of orthotics including hard and soft. We use a variety of materials such as foams as well as hard plastics. Most plastic orthotics have a soft topcover for added comfort.

Do we accept insurance payments?

We are in network for Blue Cross/Blue Shield

How much does a pair of custom made foot orthotics cost?

$450-$580 per pair which includes office visits, castings, computer scan of feet, and adjustments during the first 3 months of wear.

Does medicare pay for orthotics?

For most patients, Medicare does NOT pay for orthotics. If you have diabetes then Medicare will pay a very small portion of the cost. However, we do not accept assignment from Medicare for foot orthotics. Medicare does pay for AFO ankle braces we DO accept Medicare payment for those devices.

  • custom fabrication done on premises
  • insurance claims submitted for patients
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield network provider
  • Medicare claims submitted for covered services
  • next day services available for custom orthotics